Lost THE THRILLING CONCLUSION!!! 01 Apr 2015 12:30 pm
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Lost No Longer

After several years of work and planning, I'm pleased to announce that I've thrown all of it out the window once I realized the brilliance of this entirely new continuation and conclusion to Pica's story. And I actually did throw it out the window, before you ask. I can confirm that I heard a faint "ow!" from where it must have fallen, but it wasn't my intent to hurt them. Whoever it might have been, they now hold secrets which must never be seen by human eyes, as they are the drafts which I deemed not to be worthy of posting. I do have quality standards to uphold, you know! I figured I could get more out of less tools. Digital painting in Photoshop is old-fashioned; a ball point pen and some lined paper is all you need to make a good-looking comic!

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