Lost - Page 11 04 Jan 2013 03:42 pm
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Finally, it's done! I think I went a little overboard with this one... It's definitely a lot faster to write the dialogue than it is to draw the pages!

Between this, all of my schoolwork, getting a new computer, and going out of my way to get Photoshop CS6 so I can work on stuff like this, a lot's happened to slow me down. But now I have time to work on projects like this again, and so I decided that I wanted to get this piece done once and for all... by today.

Anyway, this is page one of three that I was working on concurrently. There won't be as long of a wait between this page and the next one; I promise, I know meeting deadlines is something I need to get better at. I don't think Pica's ready to start reading his inbox again just yet, though, so please hold off on sending him any messages for the time being.

Man, it's trippy to see the quantum leap of quality between this page and the last one.

Posted @ 04 Jan 2013 03:42 pm

Posted @ 26 Mar 2015 08:55 pm

User's Input:

I was just looking at my favorites, randomly refreshing because I had nothing else to do, when TA-DA! My dreams came true TTuTT

Posted @ 04 Jan 2013 03:58 pm