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**Messages are no longer being accepted in favor of a greater focus on art and storytelling. I'd like to give a big thanks to everyone who submitted messages for this comic in the past! The former leader of a small, disbanded rescue team, Pica the Pikachu devotes his efforts into making his world a better place, and he's looking for help from an important ally who's worlds apart: YOU! Simply push him in the right direction, and he'll do his best to follow. You can also message him directly and he'll provide real responses in the midst of what's happening in the comic. ----------------------------------- While this comic started life as an interactive sprite comic, it has more recently become a traditional comic with its own art style starting with Lost - Page 10. There were large gaps of time between Lost Pages 10, 11, and 12, with 11 and 12 being three whole years apart. The new style has been cemented since page 12, and the comic now updates more consistently. Also check out Wild ZUBAT Appeared, a bonus gag-based series (featuring ZUBAT) placed after the sprite comics but before Lost, which updates alongside the main comic!

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A place with older Ask (And Tell) Pica! stuff saved for posterity, fan art, drawing tutorials, and even Pica's debut webcomic in its entirety.

Fan Art

Art by spark70708

"Original Format" Comics

Vintage Comic Banners

There are at least two banners that predate these, but their files have been lost for a long time and it's unlikely they'll ever turn up. But believe me when I say that you aren't missing anything as a result of it.
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You can be rest assured that the download links here are 100% safe. All files are hosted under Box.

These are short, hand-drawn newspaper-style gag comic strips featuring Pica and friends drawn around 2010 to 2011. This was intended to become a series, but it never really took off. I'd never say never (except when you're telling someone to do that), but I think Pica has more appeal as an ongoing story, so I don't think more Pica Quickies are in store for the future. A few of them are borderline PG-13, so don't go in expecting rainbows, unicorns, and other fluffy colorful apparatus.

Pica Mystery Thingie

Pica's proper debut and one of the very first Pokemon Mystery Dungeon webcomics at that, cryogenically frozen in time and never properly finished ("never" being the key word here). This is Pica Mystery Thingie on The Duck, known as DrunkDuck at the time of its posting. It's a culmination of a couple years' worth of hard work and dedication, but be warned that I was only just cutting my teeth as a kid and that it's not nearly as good or polished as this comic! Still, I find it interesting since it helped me develop my comic making skills over the years, and there are a few strips and gags which still stand out to me after all these years. And since it's still on the internet under a real webcomic host, people are still bound to stumble upon it, so I may as well embrace it where it makes the most sense.
Later pages of Pica Mystery Thingie (including the remakes of the first comics) were additionally made alongside the earlier pages of this comic, another reason why this is being featured here in spite of its poor quality.

Do note that I haven't used my account there in years, I forgot the password and I don't intend to change it or make a new account there anytime soon. So if you happen to have an account on The Duck and you want to send me a private message there, I most likely won't see it.